55th Session Recap

55th Session Recap

School Awards

Awards were given to schools in three mutually exclusive categories. Two Best New School awards were given to schools that attended BMUN for the first time. Three Best Club Awards were given to schools whose students participate in MUN as an extracurricular activity. Three Best School Awards were given to schools whose students participate in MUN as part of the curriculum. The overall best performing high school at the 55th Session was Mira Costa High School (Manhattan Beach, CA).

List of Winners

Individual Committee Awards

Following delegates were eligible for committee awards:
a. those who turned in position papers by March 1;
b. those who received an extension due to a registration delay and turned in their position papers by the extended deadline.

Delegates were evaluated primarily in the following areas:
a. Diplomacy (the ability to cooperate, listen to, and compromise with other delegates);
b. Policy (the amount of research a delegate has done, reflected in their knowledge of the topics ad their country’s policy);
c. Public speaking (the ability to communicate effectively and eloquently through speeches and comments);
d. Caucusing (the ability to communicate their ideas and solutions in a productive, yet non-antagonistic way, during caucuses and in other informal settings);
e. Writing (the ability to articulate clear, comprehensive solutions to the topics through resolution and amendment writing)

Chairs do not assign numerical scores to a delegate’s speeches, resolution, caucuses etc. Instead a delegate is graded on a holistic basis. Performance at BMUN is evaluated primarily on quality, not quantity.

List of Winners

Delegate Survey

It is BMUN’s policy to constantly innovate and look for ways to improve. Before we start preparing for next year’s conference, we would like to learn more about you, the delegates. By filling out this survey, you can help us steer our program to fit your needs and interests. Please click on the link below and complete a brief online survey. Advisors, please have your students in your club/class fill out this survey.

Online Survey