Outreach Database

Outreach Database

BMUN plans to have two types of database for outreach purposes.

Advisor Contact Info Database
We hope to establish a database of advisor contact information so that schools that wish to start up MUN programs can easily ask for advice and help from a local advisor. It is our hope that such a database can lead to forming of various networks that can spread MUN to formerly-uninterested areas. When such a database is compiled, advisors will have an option of not making their contact info available.

Outreach Guide for Teachers and Students
We hope to compile an “Outreach Guide” that provides information and tips on how to start an MUN program at a high school. This booklet would include valuable information such as how to conduct delegate training or which conferences to attend. We hope such a guide would be of great use to schools that are too far away for BMUN members to physically be present and help.