The following is a brief list of resources that most MUN delegates use as a starting point in their research. As you become a more experienced delegate you will discover many more valuable sources of information.


UN The official site of the United Nations where past UN resolutions, embassy contact info, general information on UN committees, and much more can be found. The most comprehensive database of UN and affiliated links on the internet. This site will act as your one stop for seemingly limitless committee and topic information. An excellent source for information on current international issues. Topics discussed include economics, the environment, politics, technology, and law. United Nations sister site in Geneva. This site compliments and goes beyond much of the information found on the official UN site.

CIA World Factbook An excellence source of information on any country’s economic, political, and social constitution. Access to contact information and country profiles of all nation-states which have a mission in Washington DC.


  • UN Chronicle
  • The Economist
  • The Nation
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • The Los Angeles Times


Dilemmas of World Politics: International Issues in a Changing World Edited by John Baylis and N.J. Rengger

The United Nations and Changing World Politics By David P. Forsythe.

Area Handbook Series are Library of Congress publications on individual countries that provide historical, social, political and economic background information. The Chapter on government and politics covers foreign relations.

Local University Libraries
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