In order to provide a more diverse experience for the delegates, we have decided to expand the number of committees at BMUN. We will also have more small committees (20 – 40 delegates per committee) than before to make BMUN a more intimate experience for a greater number of delegates.

Delegate Guide

please note: topics for PBC and the synopsis for UNESCO have been updated (1/3/08)


(140-200 Delegates)

1st Committee: Disarmament and International Security
Synopsis Blog
Topics: West Asian Nuclear Free Zone, Nuclear Terrorism
Head Chair: Rohit Jain
Vice Chairs: Julius Chen, Jasmine Cheema, Annie Sui

3rd Committee: Economic and Financial
Synopsis Blog
Topics: International Trade Liberalization, Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development
Head Chair: Ariana Afshar
Vice Chairs: Theresa Cable, Nicolas Walder, Aditya Kashyap

6th Committee: Legal
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Japanese World War II Crimes in Korea, Turkey/Cyprus Border Dispute
Head Chair: Hyo Jeong Kwon
Vice Chairs: Erin Simmer, Zachary Simmons, Tiffany Wang


(70-100 Delegates)

United Nations Peace Building Commission
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Sierra Leone, Burundi
Head Chair: Bonnie Jin
Vice Chairs: Yoojin Kim, Sana Naeem
updated 1/3/08

United Nations Development Programme
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Perks and Plights of Global Partnerships, Back to Basics of Child Labor
Head Chair: London Choi
Vice Chairs: Lauren Core, Kelly Fitzpatrick

United Nations Environment Programme
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Global Action on Electronic Waste, Freshwater Scarcity Management
Head Chair: Samantha Liang
Vice Chairs: Lynette Robinson, Ryo Wakabayashi

United Nations Human Rights Council
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Human Rights of Civilians in Darfur, Human Rights and the Eradication of Poverty
Head Chair: Tiffany Lee
Vice Chairs: Nashia Lalani, David Aptaker

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Criminal Organizations and Syndicates
Head Chair: Francis Nguyen
Vice Chairs: Kalis Kim, Dana Ginger

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Genetics and Cultural Identity, Biomedical Research Ethics Standards
Head Chair: Bryan Su
Vice Chairs: Margarita Ivanova, Patrick Ho
updated 1/3/08

Commission on the Status of Women
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Women and HIV/AIDS, The Migration of Women
Head Chair: Roxana Sandoval
Vice Chairs: Cherelle Johnson, Charlene Raman

World Trade Organization
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Food Safety, Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Rights
Head Chair: Cindy Chou
Vice Chairs: Stephanie Chen, Sohail Khanifar


(12-40 Delegates, advanced level)

United Nations Security Council
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Peacekeeping Reform, Open Agenda
Head Chair: Richard Hill
Vice Chairs: Mike Lin, Rahim Dharssi

United Nations Historical Security Council
Synopsis Blog
Topics: 1982: The Iran-Iraq War and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Head Chair: Farnoosh Mahdavi
Vice Chairs: Shashank Iyer, Mohammad-Amir Aghaee

Kashmir Crisis Simulation*
Synopsis Crisis Blog Chinese Cabinet Blog Indian Cabinet Blog Pakistani Cabinet Blog
Topics: The Tiger, The Goat, and The Dragon: Kashmir Crisis
Head Chair: Eric Ching
Vice Chairs: Natalie Montano, Jack Chai, Brian Huang, Per Streenstrup, Evelyn Chiu, Stephanie Perez, Catherine Choh

African Union
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Darfur Crisis, African Water Rights
Head Chair: Lina El Houssamy
Vice Chairs: Taylor Wiegele, Elizabeth Dukes

European Union*
Synopsis Blog
Topics: The European Constitution: Enlargement, Expansion, and Security
Head Chair: Danielle Serbin
Vice Chairs: Torey Shure, Lorenz Noe

International Court of Justice*
Synopsis Blog
Topics: Croatia v. Serbia-Montenegro
Head Chair: Taumoha Ghosh
Vice Chairs: Donna Artusy, Sarah van Vliet, Marko Ristic

*Single-Delegation Committees